Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fake IPL player is RDB?

I am certain the famed Fake IPL player is none other than Ranadeb Bose.
The bitter chap was unceremoniously removed from KKR last year.
He now plays for Punjabs though.

He is a Bengali for sure. Who else other than the good south Calcatta-ian talks like "Hulo tor pode mulo".hehehehe.And there are plenty of other Bengali sentences used in his blog. It really can't be a non-Bengali who learnt some sentences of bengali, there are no grammatical/accentual(since the blog is written in English script, can easily be found) errors.

Highly educated,he has studied in St Lawrence school(English Medium).He's completed his graduation from the prestigious St Xaviers College in Kolkata.
He had mentioned about meeting a chap from another team,who has studied in his same school. Very unlikely. This is not your corporate board meetings where MBAs find colleagues from the alumni.Education is not exactly supposed to be the forte of crickters ,some of whom complete/drop-out educataion from the remote corners of India.But theres a guy who studied in St Xaviers..and is not playing for Punjabs ..its Ganguly himself. Can you find me another pair of IPL players now who studied in same college/school?And judging by his writings, it must be a top notch one.

he uses RDB for naming Ranadeb Bose. RDB?Rang de Basanti? he is becoming a martyar after releasing all the dirt. His cricketing career is going to drown anyway.

He had so far lied about 4 things.

(1)That he's from KKR.It would be difficult operating from KKR and shitting about SRK, upon whom he has an old grudge.
He has humiliated the owner so much,that its literally possible that SRK has got CCTVs in the rooms of his players(exagerrating ! hehe but there must huge spying on similar lines)..

(2)about using Buchanan's laptop.Thats an impossible lie.

(3)his height. he said that because of his height,he comfortably hid where Ganguly couldn't see him.

(4)and the fact itself, that Ganguly barely acknowledges/ knows the existence of him.

----so far it hasn't been released yet who is the fake IPL player. I am just guessing it for fun. Don't have any intention to malign any player. Mr RDB is a brilliant player.

I also want to add, that he named everyone with hilarious aliases(to save himself from being sued in court), but had used the original initials of RDB.Every other alias has a literal meaning. Why? Coz he has no fear of getting sued by himself :D.

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Anonymous DoofusInDisguise said...

You justify your nick because your are totally inebriated.
FIP is RDB? RDB = Rang De Basanti = martyrdom? ROFL.
Being a woman (an assumption made based on your nick), you are obviously suffering from over-analysis, seeing things where none exist & linking dissimilar things together with weak thread of reasoning.

#1. RDB is bong & just because FIP drops few lines in his blog, he's bong too? Following same analogy most hindi film actors must be punjus, no? Because they mouth punjabi songs/lingo.

#2. RDB studied in some famous school which is the only school that teaches decent english? I suppose in all other schools they teach how to clean toilets with your hair & lick the floor clean, is it?

You are obviously half-witted person who "thinks" she (again assumption about gender) is oh-so-intelligent & above-average & in most women think like that. But you can't fool the law of averages, so accept the reality & stop making inane predictions.

May 15, 2009 at 2:23 PM  
Blogger befuddled dudette said...

mr doofusindisguise
[:D you give so much pleasure to people in saying your name]

err i did say very clearly that this is a guess and fipl isn't disclosed yet.And I also made it very clear in a disclaimer style that I don't wan't to malign anybody.

yes I did feel this guy is RDB but I may be wrong. I don't have any proof to be sure about it. But to me it seems from the facts I gathered, that its him.

Its okay I do concur with the counter points that you gave..that these are not concrete proofs..and like the rest of India I am guessing it too.

erm but its sort of embarrassing seeing you so judgmental about women. I guess you obviously were dumped by some or might be pursuing someone/anyone[hehe] but no women are giving you any 'bhao'.Sorry about that.

Enjoy the FIPL.Its a hell of an entertainment. Feel free to guess who it might be.

May 16, 2009 at 2:25 PM  

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