Thursday, July 30, 2009

A piece of junk decor and an insight

Theres just so much junk paper around, from pizza to furniture catalogues, that I had to do something with it. Felt I could find some use of the glossy papers but they did nothing other than fill up drawers.
Found some designs from and decided to make some DIY wall art! (yeah of course I am supposed to study for my interviews next week)

So I cut the shiny junk into droplet designs and pasted them on A4 size papers and stuck the papers on the walls with PVC tape. Not bad! 2 cents art. Heh.

Whenever I have to study or work I get creative and do all these crafts. But if I had to make crafts for a living I guess I would prefer computer programming anyday. You start losing interest on stuffs once the work gets obligatory. Then you look for other avenues for "play".

And work and play are so interchangeable. Its only the way you look at it. So running on inclined treadmills is play but lugging heavy rations to the hilltop town is definitely work.


Blogger Sandy said...

Haha, I can totally identify with you. When exams or deadlines loom ominously on the horizon, I'll usually be found drawing or writing poetry.
Nice wall-art. Maybe I'll make some of my own soon.

July 30, 2009 at 6:56 AM  

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