Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bangladeshis in Italy

Wherever we went, we got unexpected help from abangladeshis. Be it carrying heavy bag, finding correct platform.Or simply translating Italian. Italy would have been a very difficult place without them. I picked up enough Italian for kaam chalaoing though.
Bon giorni
No si
Bon voyage
Escuzi Signior/Signiora

Oh and Srk prnounced signioritta incorrectly in DDLJ. Its Signiorotta nor senoritta.

Last day in Italy

Something very funny happenned at Deiva Marina near Cinque Terra. So we were going to get tickets to the 5 villages of Cinque Terra. The total cost of tickets is 16 euros for 5 villages and 4.80 euros for one villlage. BUT the cost of going to one village is 2.40 for locals. I asked 2 Italian ladies, what are these 2 tickets? She said you get the tickets for locals and one knows if you are locals or tourists..wink again. So here we are going to 1st village of 5 terra.....wink wink with a cheaaaap ticket(which we will not validate).

See in Italy, after buying bus or train tickets u gotta validate it in machines that punches/stamps it. That way you cannot reuse the tickets again. We try not to validate tickets and reuse tickets on and on...haha..but there are random its better be on cheap tickets not on intercity ones.

Oh, people even though speaking in different languaes arent so foreign. There was this bum staring at me for too long. I got uncomfortable. There was this flower seller, who looked bangladeshi. So I approached him. He turned out to be Syrian not speaking any English. But he understood and sat in next bench as guard! Grazie too all these nice people I met. I will miss you Italy.

1 day in Florence

Checked inyo hotel in Firenze.
Visited a Pakistani eatery. Had Doner kabab and rice plate. Those guys spoke fluent Italian. Hindi songs were playing on Tv. They said they visit home once in 3 years. Their familoes are in Pakistan. I came to know there is a Gujrat in Pakistan as well.
Very nice hostel albeit too crowded. One room shared with 4 more girls.

2 Canadian girls also shared our room. They were fresh college graduates. Without much money. But funny thing is they didnot need a visa! While we were earning far more in India, and yet we had to prove we werent there to grab jobs in Europe!

We started a free tour in Florence. The tour guide was boring. Switched and we found the other tour guide was boring too. It was like a history class. I couldnt be much attentive. So aftee the Renaissance tour, we fled from the Medici tour halfway and started shopping.

Florence is a fashion district. Gucci had his first shop here. He was a shoemaker 150 years back on these streets. Qe saw Michaelangelos house too. They dry clothes just like us. On the outside with rods and ropes.
We saw the  vasari corridor. Bought gold earring below vasari corridor on the bridge. Bought ltalian jackets gloves snd belt. Found more ppl talked in english here than in Rome.